Windows Hello drop in 1.25.1

Hi all,

I have this ugly situation going on Surface Pro X. I had installed Bitwarden desktop 1.24.6 where I logged in and enabled Windows Hello integration (Surface Pro X has face recognition camera). After auto-update to version 1.25.1 the desktop app just stopped working. No error message, nothing. Uninstalled it and installed the 1.25.1 from the installer, logged in and now the Windows Hello integration is completely missing in Settings.
I am running Windows 20H2 on my SPX.

Does anyone else experiencing such thing?

Please refer this article,
Windows Users may need to install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable before Windows Hello can be turned on in Desktop Preferences.

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Thank you @vachan. Seems that it helped to install the VC++ Redistributable. Even the ARM64 version was enough. After restarting the Bitwarden Desktop, I have Windows Hello option and it is working as expected.

However, it seems to have something to do with the latest Windows Update, because before that I was using Windows Hello with Bitwarden Desktop regularly.