Windows Desktop app fails login to selfhosted instance

Hello :wave: :fox_face:

I am running bitwarden via docker compose, using the script and all is generally fine with it

I can log in to browser extensions, I can log in to browser sessions at my domain, and my username and password is always accepted.

Until today, where i decided I wanted to give the application for windows a spin, just for my convenience. I made sure to configure my remote URL correctly, used my account email and password combination (which I have verified works other places). I saw this thread and wondered if my deployment were outdated, but no, it is currently at 2024.4.2.

Then this pops up:

It says that an error has occured, in norwegian, and claims that my username or password is incorrect. Very strange.

Checking my logs on my deployment side, I see that the request pops in, and the server reports it as an invalid authentication attempt. I am really confused. I have quadruple checked the input several times.

What does the client do differently from my browser extensions, android app and web browser, and how can I get help to debug my issue?

I really appreciate your help!