Windows client updates repeat over and over again

Windows client repeats update message every time I log in to Windows. I think it’s version 1.32.0 something. WTF. Why doesn’t this update progress and install so the messages (that have been going on for several weeks now, at least) will stop? Troubling when a security-related program starts acting like a mindless robot.


same for me, update under Windows 11 from
Version 1.31.3
Shell 16.0.7
Renderer 96.0.4664.110
Node 16.9.1
Architecture x64
to 1.32.0 - I even downloaded the new version and updated from download file directly, always “downgrading” itself back to 1.31.1
Now I used “install bitwarden for all users” instead of “only current user” and that seemed to have solved the problem.

Thanks. I finally did the exact same thing (removing the installed version then re-installing from download for all users). So far, so good.

I’ve just reinstalled from the setup using the original version on my Windows 10 desktop, but choosing “all users” instead. So far, so good.

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Four days later and the update notice at launch for version 1.32.0 is back:

App doesn’t know it’s already up-to-date, or the version reported in the About Bitwarden message box is incorrect.

Hi everyone,

I posted a reply in the GitHub issue, Update continuously offered at Windows start despite being at latest version · Issue #1423 · bitwarden/desktop · GitHub. Requesting some additional information.

Feel free to post this information here and I’ll make sure to observe this topic for the next couple of days.

Just a FYI, we released version 1.32.1 which might be why the prompt re-appeared for some of you.

I’ve seen people have the same problem with the browser extension. It had something to do with the switch from single-user to multi-account support.

The solution ended up being a full uninstall and installation of the extension. Maybe the same could work here?

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help. I’ve installed the latest version of bitwarden (1.32.1) on windows 10 (21H2) home edition. Every time I switch my computer on, bitwarden asks me to restart the app to install the update. So i allow this, and then next time I turn my computer on, I get the same message.
It’s getting quite frustrating now, and i wonder if anyone has the same or similar problem?

Edit: Apart from this, bitwarden is working just fine acorss all my devices.

Many Thanks, Rabziggy

At startup, bitwarden asks me to upgrade it to the next version (1.32.1). I click on “Install” but nothing happens.
If I manually check on updates from the app, nothing happens.

I’m on Windows 11, Bitwarden 1.32.0 (website version).

you can try this, after click install then run bitwarden software again from windows then it will run the update installation.

Nothing happens. I uninstalled the app. I only use the browser extension now. Thanks.

Hi @Luca_Datti, you can follow updates on this issue here.

Same thing bein happening for a week now.

Solution from another post that worked for me: 1) Start Bitwarden if it’s not already running. 2) Right-click Bitwarden in system tray and Exit. 3) Okay Windows UAC dialog. 4) Restart Bitwarden. It appears that the version is finally updated in Bitwarden when UAC dialog asks to confirm okay for it to make changes. Since doing these steps the repeated update notifications finally go away. [Note to developers: Just a guess, but it looks like the update process as provided fails to engage Windows UAC to permit the update to proceed after the dialog that asks a user to update to the new version and just quits instead without doing the update.]


I appreciate you sharing what fixed it for you, this seems to have solved it for me as well.

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Same problem here on two computers using Windows10.
The link to the GitHub issue (by Hinton Update continuously offered at Windows start despite being at latest version · Issue #1423 · bitwarden/desktop · GitHub) was also useful but not complete.
To me it seems the problem is caused by a bug in the Bitwarden updater, not properly removing the update files from c:\Users[username]\AppData\Local\bitwarden-updater\pending.
Best way to fix the problem is:

  1. When the updater asks to update immediately or ‘later’, select ‘later’.
  2. Quit the Bitwarden instance you started by either right click-exit in the systray or File-Quit Bitwarden from the program’s interface.
  3. Open File Explorer, go to ‘c:\Users[username]\AppData\Local\bitwarden-updater\pending’ and run the BitWardenupdater.exe from there. Selecting for which user you want to install (either ‘all users’ or ‘[username]’ only) does not matter in this case.
  4. Click ‘Yes’ when Windows User Access Control (UAC) asks for permission to modify your system.
  5. When done, remove the ‘c:\Users[username]\AppData\Local\bitwarden-updater\pending’ folder.
  6. If you selected ‘all users’, the installation path of the new version should be ‘c:\Program Files\Bitwarden’ and if you selected ‘[username]’ it should be ‘c:\Users[username]\AppData\Local\Programs\Bitwarden’. In both cases, the file ‘Bitwarden.exe’ properties/details should show this:
  7. Restart Bitwarden and check the version in the program’s interface under Help-About Bitwarden.
    It should show this:
    Version 1.32.1
    Shell 16.0.7
    Renderer 96.0.4664.110
    Node 16.9.1
    Architecture x64
  8. If you selected ‘[username]’ only in step 3, you should repeat these steps for each user of your computer. That’s the only reason why selecting ‘all users’ is more efficient here :wink:

No need to do any ‘Uninstall’ of Bitwarden, either from Settings-Apps & Features or by running Uninstall Bitwarden.exe from any of the installation paths.

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Hello everyone and thanks again for your patience on this one, it should be resolved in the next release. The Gitub issue has been updated with the following:

Wanted to give a quick update on this. As previously mentioned we identified some issues with the updating process which should be resolved for the next release.

In the meanwhile the recommended workaround is to:

Uninstall the desktop application.
Restart the computer
Re-install the latest version from the website.

Should Bitwarden auto start after restarting the computer you most likely have multiple versions of Bitwarden installed, and need to uninstall all of them.

The default installation locations are:

C:\Program Files\Bitwarden

And they should contain an Uninstaller which you can run.

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Thnx, this works indeed.
Unfortunately, the new version 1.33 introduces new problems:

Thanks, but what happens to all the passwords and data I’ve got stored in the desktop Windows PC version, does all that info get lost?

Hi @Gregory_Bunyard,

Bitwarden works in a client-server architecture, and currently syncs changes back from the desktop app and others immediately.

Meaning all your info, passwords, etc are stored encrypted on the Bitwarden servers in a way only you can decrypt and read. All the info should be synced and this won’t be lost if you go to uninstall the desktop application from your computer.
You can even verify by accessing Bitwarden through another client such as the mobile apps, browser extension, or via the web-vault at

This should have an exact mirror of your Vault in the desktop app.
Cheers :slight_smile:

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