Windows app-expanding width of middle pane


just moved from Devolution Remote desktop as my password manager to Bitwarden. Lost some features, but gained speed to load and open.

A bit ironic that bitwarden does not prompt to save this login when I created it for this forum! one more feature I have lost!

My biggest issue is that I have some quite long names for my login names, and I cant read the full text in the middle pane where they are listed. This pane seems to be fixed width? can it be expanded?

Hey, and welcome to the forums! It can be helpful to disable your browser’s native functionality to manage credentials Disable a Browser's Built-in Password Manager | Bitwarden Help & Support you can also use the sidebar on Firefox/Opera for a slightly expanded width, or click the icon in the top left of the browser extension to pop out the extension, which allows for unlimited width adjustments.

I’m using Brave browser and already have save passwords turned off. Interesting the brave extension has an option to popout and then its expandable but you only have the vault panel and loose the tab panel. I’ll have a play with this feature as it might be able to replace the desktop app!

…nope, the popout doesnt to show notes which I use a lot, so I’ll stick to the desktop app.

Hey there, can you provide more detail? I’m able to view notes in the pop-out.

ok I now see you can view the note in the popout, once you have clicked on a record, but its an extra click and scroll…

Think I’d prefer an expanding middle pane in the windows app so I can see more data in one view. Web pages never give you enough info in one view. they are always dumbed down to limit bandwidth!