Windows 7 Javascript error

Same thing here after trying to update. win 7

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Same for me also Win 7 64 bit. I also downloaded the last version and got the same problem. Hopefully the Android app is not affected.

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Thanks for your patience while the team investigates this Windows 7 specific issue.

In the meantime, you can still use the browser extension with Firefox, Brave or Chrome, as well as continue to access the Web Vault at Bitwarden Web Vault on Windows 7. If you still wish to use a Desktop client, the Portable Version (no auto update) will provide a similar experience.

Please note that Windows 7 is no longer actively supported by Microsoft (Windows 7 - Microsoft Lifecycle | Microsoft Docs).

Exact same issue with Windows 7 update. Uninstalled/reinstalled completely twice so this is clearly a Windows 7 JavaScript issue with the “uv_is_gethostname” call returning the “ENOSYS (function not implemented)”. Can we reinstall the most recent backward version? Self-hosted fork, “VaultWarden” is functioning perfectly. I will try the Browser or the Portable BitWarden alternatives while this sorts out. Don’t be the first to upgrade anything. Pioneers get multiple arrows in their backs!

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For all those looking to rollback their Bitwarden app, the current and past releases can be found on the Bitwarden github page at:

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I had installed the July’s release, but the app immediately downloaded the (broken) update when I first ran it. I didn’t find the option to disable auto-updates in UI. How to do that?

Sorry, should have read above: the portable version doesn’t have auto-update.

To stop the auto-update, you need to set


in your environment variables.


Where would I find the environment variables?

Are you on Windows, Linux, or MacOS?

Windows 7 64bit.

Try this page for guidance:

Installed for the first time, not updated, and this issue appears. Exact copy of the error codes.
Win7 64
Bit of a let down as I am looking for a good password manager and this is the first try.
I am willing to wait though, after reading reviews and such, as it fits my needs.
Go devs go!

@Gregory_Lange - welcome to the Bitwarden community.

If you read the previous posts in this thread, you will find guidance on how to rollback to a previous release that works with Win7, as well as instructions on how to prevent auto-updates of the desktop app.

You will find that Bitwarden is very security focused, so deprecated and unsupported operating systems that can’t be updated to latest security standards simply won’t be supported by Bitwarden in the future. Something to consider as you choose a password manager that suits your needs.

That’s fine, I am maintaining my own support, It’s not that hard to keep AntiVirus, AntiMalware and Drivers up to date manually, I refuse to give in to M$ Blackmail,

I’m not leaving Windows 7 on this [Gaming - PC,

So please don’t give up on your loyal customers who chose to remain using Windows 7 on their Windows based PC’s,

My other PC’s have either Pop!_OS by System76 or Fedora MATE running them… I LOVE Compiz Fusion so much that I’ll be mostly leaning towards Fedora for my Linux based PC’s in the future, Fedora is easier to learn and use than Ubuntu is.

Thank you for a wonderful secure Password Manager

Thank you @dh024. Yes, I had read the posts. Indeed something I forgot about Win7 and support. Sadly some hardware is unable to ‘suffer’ from Windows 10/11 upgrade and I refuse to discard a fully working computer. We take the risks, of course, and I appreciate the effort to keep this working with Win7.
I shall endure and perform the fixes suggested.
Much obliged.

Just to let anyone to know, without trying all the versions that are on the GitHub: on windows 7 the version 2022.5.1 works after setting the ELECTRON_NO_UPDATER=1 env variable. maybe someone can save time.

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Hi guys, I’m having the exact same problem since updating. This is a real blow as my primary use of BitWarden is on my PC running Windows 7 64-bit. Please sort this out.

It’s not a bug, @JaredNel. Please read the posts above for a workaround solution.

Yeah, thanks, I did when the issue first popped up last week. The updated portable version has the same problem. I’m using an older portable version for now but it’s definitely slower and less convenient than the installed desktop version.

I guess I could get an older version to install and tweak it to not update, but that’s not ideal either as updates are important. The developers really just need to get it working again as normal. A lot of people are still on Windows 7.

Finally, they shouldn’t blow up Windows 7 users without at least some sort of warning email or notification. It’s an alarming experience to suddenly be faced with a complex meaningless error AFTER it has already installed just fine. There should at least be a compatibility warning long before that point I think.

Given that, with the latest update, there was no mention of any compatibility changes, plus the fact that it throws an obscure error rather than a programmed alert, it seems like a bug to me.

Yeah, I dunno. Bitwarden doesn’t support Windows 7, nor do they claim to.

From the Bitwarden download page:
Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 11.45.41 AM

If you install software on an unsupported operating system and it doesn’t work, that definitely does not quality as a bug, IMO. Whether or not Bitwarden should support Windows 7 is a distinct issue, I believe, but a lot of extra work and development (i.e. extra $$ costs) would need to go into supporting a deprecated OS to keep it secure and working reliably. So, I suspect only a small handful of users would be supportive. As a user, I personally would rather see those resources used elsewhere to improve future releases of the software, but I totally understand where you are coming from. Cheers!