Windows 11 Pro issues

I’ve been battling this issue for a while. I thought I had it fixed; however, it just resurfaced as something else.

I had to upgrade my laptop to Win 11 (yay me) when my harddrive failed. I kept going round and round getting Bitwarden desktop to load on start up. The browser plugin works fine on both Edge and Edge Beta as well as my Android. I have no issues with syncing either. But the desktop, that was another issue.

I finally got it to start loading on start up. Now, it will not start, minimize or close to tray. It will only minimize to taskbar. It won’t close with the “x” in the upper right corner. I can only close with the menu option which completely closes the program.

I’m using the downloaded desktop version not the Windows Store version. Here are the specs:

Version 2022.5.1
Shell 16.1.0
Renderer 96.0.4664.174
Node 16.9.1
Architecture ia32

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Hey @S1lv3rBull3t, did you already try removing and reinstalling? Have you already contacted the support team? Alternatively, you can provide the info on Github to create a bug report.

That’s because you have this option selected:
just unselect it.

Sorry for the delay in responding. Been crazy here. @dwbit I ended up having to roll back my computer to a restore point and now it seems to be working again. I must have installed a bad update (again). @Christop I’ve always had that option checked and never had an issue before. It’s still checked and working fine now :thinking:

Thanks for the replies everyone. I appreciate the feedback :blush:

That’s not a good sign your computer has been fixed I am afraid :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Why is that? If I want to close the program, I want it to close to my tray, I don’t want it to close to my taskbar or disappear. It’s doing what I want it to do.

According to your 1st message you wanted the opposite.

No, in my original post, I stated that all it would do is minimize to the taskbar which is what I did not want. I wanted to be able to minimize (or close) to tray again. I now have regained the ability to do both again.