Windows 10 app improvements


I have several issues

-After editing one login / item in Windows 10 app, app is refreshing page. I have to disable it because I have hundreds of logins and I am editing one by one. After editing one it refreshes itself and goes back to beginning. Imagine editing 600~ logins like me.

-Instead of showing items after scrolling down, I want to see them at once with faster loading.

-Sync should be automatic. For the moment when I change something in browser extension, it is not getting synced into Windows 10 app. I have to do manual sync. Same goes for iOS extension.

-Ability to use security key instead of PIN or Master Password. When unlocking it I want to use my Yubikey 5 instead of PIN or Master Password because I am trying to move to passwordless in every app.

-Not sure if that is possible but it would be good to integrate it with Azure AD, instead of entering my username and password, I can use SSO, and that would be much more seamless experience for me. I currently have Microsoft 365 in my household.

-Add extra security options for sensitive web sites (customized by user). For example when entering Microsoft or Amazon and filling credentials, ask for security key or 2FA.

-Enable Drag & Drop in Windows app. I created several folders and I want to add logins / items to it by drag and drop method, instead of editing one by one.