Why the Extra Tab

So, I love the feature in the browser that lets me go to the login URI when I search my vault. I also understand that the “launch” icon only shows up when I open a new tab and start the search that make sense. What I don’t understand is why the launch opens yet another tab – leaving the new tab I opened to start the search not on anything at all. This is especially irritating in Edge whose new tab is a cacophony of ads. I am hoping that the launch can be done in the new tab that was opened to search the vault.

Are you sure? (I don’t use Edge so I can’t be certain about Edge)

With Firefox, Chrome and Safari, you can launch from any tab and then yes that will open in a new tab (which I think you will want).

Seems to work great.

You are correct. As soon as I start a search, I get the launch icon instead of the details icon. So, it was a PEBKAC issue.