Why is the v1.49 Safari Extension small?

Elongate Safari Extension to previous version

The newest version of the Safari Bitwarden Extension (1.49.0) has been changed to a very small size. It requires a lot more scrolling then before and think if it could be elongated to how it was before, then that would be great.

Feature function

- What will this feature do differently?
This feature will elongate the Safari extension to its previous length.
- What benefits will this feature bring?
Easier access to long lists of logins. People generally have a lot of logins so make space for this is ideal.

Not too sure if this should be a feature request.
It appears to be a temporary change due to Safari bug.

See: Safari UI half hight · Issue #1739 · bitwarden/browser · GitHub
Quoted below:

This is a known issue from porting to the Web Extension API in Safari. I believe we’ve intentionally limited the popup to that size due to unstable behaviour at full size. It’s unrelated to #1582. There’s an upstream ticket here.

I believe Bitwarden will restore size when they can guarantee stability of extension at original size.