Where did I just send all my data?

My goal was to set up an on-premise version of Bitwarden, populate it with the current contents of my 1Password 7 vaults, and gain some experience with the interface and the sharing.

I successfully (I think) set up the on-premise server on our central Mac desktop. On my Mac laptop, I downloaded the GUI and then the CLI so I could import the 1pif files from 1Password without sending them offsite using the web form. I logged in using my same credentials (I’m assuming this login provides the system the knowledge that I am running an on-premise database and how to get to it).

I got the import command to work – it appeared to be successful because it complained about the length of a few notes (that turned out to be useless adhesion contracts I didn’t even know were in the web form data).

Then I logged in the GUI on my Mac with the same credentials, to find absolutely no data apparent in the account, anywhere.

  1. Where the he** did I just ship all my passwords? :flushed:
  2. How do I get it attached to the normal GUI?

I went to the Docker hub to see if any sort of a stub appeared there to represent my database, but all I could find was the “example” item that installing Docker creates.

It sounds like you used the same email + password for your login at vault.bitwarden.com as you created for your local instance :eyes:

Most likely, you sent the data to vault.bitwarden.com - log in and give it a look.

It’s all good though - your data is always encrypted locally before being sent to any server, regardless of where it is hosted.

[Edit] To use your self hosted instance, you’ll need to configure your clients to speak to your hosted URL, Bitwarden doesn’t save/map any data related to your self hosted instance.


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Nope, they’re not at vault.bitwarden.com either, everything I can find there is empty.

Plus, I’ve discovered that my local instance was not… actually RUNNING. :unamused: I need to open another thread for advice to make this work first.

I’m still buffaloed as to where my data got shipped.
I did a ./bw login with the only name and password I have set up.
It said,
To unlock your vault, set your session key to the BW_SESSION environment variable. ex:...
So I did the export command, then did ./bw import 1password1pif path-to-pif-file
I got three error messages complaining about over-long Notes fields, then a ready message. So this data went SOMEWHERE.

I still have the terminal session open, if there’s any command I can issue to it to find out how things are set up.

You can run the following:

  • bw config server to list the connected server
  • bw list items (and input master password) to show what is in that vault

If the import failed, you may not have any data there at all.

OK, it says I’m running at bitwarden.com and the items come back NUL (I think – I get a square box).

Does the message about “Notes field exceeds 10000 characters” make the import fail? I thought it would be only a warning. But if causes the entire import to fail, then that’s exactly what happened.

Thanks for your help.

Yep! 10K characters is a hard limit and it sounds like the import failed, which in this case is good :+1: