Where are application log files

hello , it is about a selfhosted bitwarden,
where are the log files on the server ? if i can’t access the web space or if you have errors, under which path can i find the log files on the server or container ?


Hello @7qbit and welcome to the community,

Really hard to determine the exact issue without knowing a bit more.
For log files if you are running the standard installer you may need to check different containers depending on where the issue lies.

Can you check on your machine to run docker ps to provide the status of the containers in your Bitwarden install?
These should hopefully show (healthy) for all the containers in the standard installer, or if you are using the new Unified Beta.

Thanks for your Reply.

Containers are all set up and so far all is well.

The problem is, according to documentation there are events log via webapp. https://bitwarden.com/de-DE/help/event-logs/

Where can I find this log in container. If I can not log in via web, for example, the message “An unhandled server error has occurred.” where can I look on the server where this is logged.

Ahhh, yes the help documentation is for event logs for your Bitwarden entries, specifically that of a Teams or Enterprise organization, these are more akin to audit logs actually and help to provide an audit trail for when a user interacts with the shared organizational vault.

I presume this is logged somewhere in the self-hosted instance, though as mentioned this is only an audit log. So would not help with diagnosing your issue if you are having a trouble with your install.

My best option to recommend would be possibly checking with the docker logs… command followed by the relevant container to check.

Though if you say all the containers are showing healthy then it may be a separate configuration issue, are you using another reserve proxy in front of the Bitwarden nginx container?

Another thing you could always do is reach out to the Bitwarden team directly for further technical support with your self-hosted instance.

thanks you, I think I have found it.
they are inside container, under path /etc/bitwarden/logs

You can change their location to global_env with setting like this:


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You’d think for how much I live in the help documentation, I would have remembered that one or found it.

For future reference it appears the default should be within your ~/bwdata/logs directory according to Configure Environment Variables | Optional variables, but can be set with the env variable


as you mentioned as well.

Awesome, glad to hear you got it taken care of and figured out. :slight_smile: