When user adds a login, make sure entered information is not lost if extension window closes

Sometimes I need to get info from various other windows when I create a new login in the browser extension and want to populate everything properly. (I try to make copies of all data that I share with each site in my password manager, just so I can better remember & manage who knows / thinks to know what about me.)

Unfortunately, there seem to be various events/actions that close the extension window unintentionally, without saving any of the entered information.

I know that this happens in Chrome-based browsers and I think that it’s also a problem in Firefox, but not 100% sure about Firefox and other browsers.

The workaround is to either use the desktop app, or to click the “maximize” / “detach” icon in the top left of the extension popup (the popup window that is shown when the extension icon is clicked). However, you can only maximize from the main extension home screen, not after you’ve started editing an entry.

Possible fixes:

  1. Find a way to keep the window open more reliably (not sure if possible in all browsers)
  2. Auto-save what is entered regularly so at least it won’t be lost when the window closes itself
  3. Allow people to maximize the extension window even after starting the new login editing process (would need some trick to transfer the WIP information to the new window)
  4. Add an option to open the login creation window in a detached window by default

Looks like a duplicate of Persist Bitwarden UI and maintain entered data [Previously- Unsaved changes are lost when move to another item]