When new auto-fill v2 enabled, input field can't click sometimes

With the new auto-fill feature, where it suggests logins directly from the input field.

Sometimes you can’t click the field anymore. Mouse icon looks like its flickering when hovering over the field, and clicking it un-focuses it where you can’t click the username field.

Happens on various websites including on occasion the web vault. It goes away if you disable that new auto fill menu feature. Changing auto-fill to ‘when auto-fill icon is selected’, does not fix the issue.

Anyone else having this issue? Figured I’d get some feedback if anyone else has run into this.

Yes, my top 2 market websites, this new feature didn’t work at all, so I gave up immediately. OTH, I don’t have many (or any?) sites that I have more than one credential for, so I don’t miss the new feature much, even if it’s so pretty and cool.