When creating new accounts inside Android browser tap autofill and let generator button appear besides + button/ 'new login' button

When I am browsing on my Android 10 smartphone I sometimes have to create a new account and I need a fresh randomly generated password. I want to be able to tap on bitwardens auto-fill feature and then go to a password generator inside autofill. But normally a blanco screen without any results comes up because an account for that site does not yet exist. The only thing that appears is the red (+) button necessary for adding a new login. A login I am now creating and for which I don’t have a generated password yet.
Wouldn’t it be nice when a ‘generate new password’ button would be available at the left side on the screen right next to the ‘add new login’ button?
I would press that button and it automatically would generate a password for me, copy it to my clipboard and go right back to my browser by closing the autofill window. Then I could just paste it in in the password field of the sign-up form in my browser.
Every time I create a new account, Bitwarden’s autofill feature gets activated and recognizes a login form. Why not use that autofill prompt to lead me directly to the password generator? That means I don’t have to manually switch to the Bitwarden app, generate a new password, copy it, go back to my browser and paste it into the password field of the sign-up form of that website. I could just access the generator feature from inside the autofill window that pops up after you tap autofill.

This would be a lazy feature, making it smoother for Bitwarden users to create new accounts in their browser (or inside other apps) by making it easier to generate new passwords.

Of course this ‘generate password’ feature would only appear if Bitwardens search for existing logins for that website comes up empty and only shows a blanco page. Otherwise it might be in the way of people’s normal autofilling process when they want to select the right login for a website they already have an account for.