When autofilling an item on a different URL, offer to update the existing item

Use case: a financial provider got acquired and so my account got migrated to a new system at a new URL.


  1. Visit new-provider.com
  2. Click the Bitwarden icon in the browser toolbar and search for the entry for the old provider
  3. Click the entry to view it and notice that subdomain.old-provider.com is in the URL field
  4. Since I’m not 100% sure whether this is the right login, click “Autofill” instead of “Autofill and Save”
  5. Submit the login form

Expected behavior: Bitwarden offers to update the entry I just autofilled, to add new-provider.com as a URL.

Actual behavior: Bitwarden offers to save the username and password. I clicked “Edit” to see what it was proposing and it appears to be a brand new entry associated with new-provider.com.

I assume this is a feature request - if this is supposed to work already, I’m happy to provide actual bug report information (version, logs, etc.).