What options do I have when certain ports get locked?


I work in a very huge company and here the access to many websites and ports is blocked.
Currently I am using at work the Bitwarden browser extension for Firefox and everything works properly.
But I fear that in the future my company locks certain ports and websites, so the password sync is no longer working.
What options do I have if this happens?

Currently I am using KeePass and send my KeePass database by mail to my work email address.
So here I am completely safe when some ports are locked.
But I consider switching to Bitwarden.

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I am the opposite - I have to use web, because I cannot run any exe file. But back to the question - IMO, phone/tablet with Bitwarden to be able to view the passwords at the minimum.

@J-O-D I have 20-character long passwords and they are all randomly generated, so reading them on my phone and then typing them on my PC at work is a very bad user experience.
So I rely on Bitwarden to run on my PC at work.

I get that, I have this too, but there if you Will not be able to sync to web, I cannot see other way. But when that happens, you can always export data and go back to KeePass. I, on the other hand, would have only the option to use phone. And store passwords in browser, if necessary.