What is the frequncy that the reports are run with?

Hi All,

I searched for this online (help and in github) but couldn’t find out how often the reports are run. Does anyone know on this?


Are you asking about the vault health reports? If so, they’re run when you perform them from your web vault.

Yes, specifically: Exposed Passwords Report, Reused Passwords Report, Weak Passwords Report, Unsecured Websites Report, Inactive 2FA Report and Data Breach Report.

Is there a way to ‘perform’ them? Is that just by accessing the report? If so I’m not seeing them be rerun each time. In fact I am seeing old data in there at present that seems to show they haven’t been run for at least 12 hours at this point.

scratch that, I found out why I was seeing old info, it was from old passwords in my trash. Thanks for the help