What happens if you setup Multiple Autofill Methods

On the Bank of America App, I notice that when I use autofill, it did not fill in the password. This is because bank of america supports autofill but chose to block the filling of the password field. To get around this, I turned on accessibility autofill. How it works great, but this makes me wonder, how does Bitwarden figure out which autofill to use now that multiple autofilll methods are enabled?

Let’s call The Expert on this. @tgreer ?

[Edit: Link added for clarification :wink: ]

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Oh boy, I’m no expert here! Autofill is as much an art as it is science!

Autofill (vs. accessibility) gets priority if Autofill can see/match the property. If not, then accessibility gets the go-ahead. Lots of site-specific code is required to make it magical.

Tee, hee, hee. I like that.

For a while I notice that the autofill was not working for the bank of America App. This was true for Last Pass, Enpass and Bitwarden. When I enable accessibility, it started working, but when I tried this in enpass it did not. What appears to be happening is that enpass checks to see if you can autofill using framework and when it can, it will just use that method. Bitwarden may be trying diffferent method until fill is done or they may be using accessibility first.