What does the IdentityServer license change mean for Bitwarden?

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IdentityServer turns more or less commercial. I’m by no means a license expert, but the bottom line to me is that Bitwarden will be most likely affected by the move to Duende IdentityServer.

This opens the question for me if and how Bitwarden’s license model can continue as it is. For both cases, the commercial offer and self hosted with paid license.

It’s quite some time until EOL (22.11.2022), but I can imagine that a move for Bitwarden to .NET 5 might not be too far away. For my understanding only Duende IdSrv will target .NET 5, but not the remaining open source project.

Are there any plans on how this is going to be solved? Or is there simply no issue and it’s only me seeing a possible issue?

Possible candidates?


based on

It’s on our radar, but we don’t have any next steps planned at the moment since it’s currently not an issue, but we are evaluating timelines for both licensing and platform upgrades.

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Hey @tgreer . Deadline is coming, is there any news?

hey @paltry.reiterate223 thanks for checking in, we’ve already migrated to .Net6 and the team is working out licensing to continue receiving updates :+1: