What do we do when an account requires multiple steps to login?

What do we do when it requires multiple steps for us to login? For example, I have a bank account that requires me to:

  1. Input my bank account number…
  2. Then after I do that, it leaves that page and goes to the next page and asks me to confirm my email address…
  3. Then after that it goes to the next page and asks me my security question…
  4. Then after that the final step is that it goes to the next page and asks me my password.

Can Bitwarden handle this situation to input all that information? Or is this a situation in which I will just have to manually login without Bitwarden? Has anyone else run into this type of problem?

Not doubting your accuracy but finding it “weird” that a bank would ask you to verify an account number BEFORE confirming your ID via a username and password. Moving on.

Sometimes when the pages change on a multi step login the URL actually changes too. I have a few accounts that do that. You CAN save multiple urls in the BW account specific to in this case that bank. If yours is one of them that would mean the BW app icon will still let you click on the account and auto fill the needed spot. I have some accounts where I must copy the password and when the screen changes then I paste in the password and connect. Not all sites are the same. Just consider the multiple url approach as it might facilitate the process for you as it does for me. Not perfect but WAY better then manually logging into a site with my 20+ character stuff, LOL!

OpSec, thank you for the advice.

And you are right about it being kind of weird the way my bank account has me to sign in. However, I’ve had this bank account for several years and it has always been that way.