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Provide feedback on unreleased concepts while having the opportunity to earn rewards.

Bitwarden users are now welcome to join a User Research program where community members will contribute feedback on early feature and design concepts to share insights with the Bitwarden product team.

Upcoming research topics include:

  • Web Vault experience
  • Secrets Management
  • Organization Management

Concepts shared by the product team are pre-development and subject to change. Concepts presented may not always be released.

Watch this category to stay updated with available studies that interest you!

If you would like to be considered for future studies, please fill out one of the following forms and we will contact you if you’re a fit for an upcoming study:

Many thanks to the Bitwarden community for ongoing support! We look forward to hearing everyone’s input and appreciate the support of the Bitwarden community.

Beta Feedback

To join the beta program, visit bitwarden.com/beta/


You guys are in desperate need of user testing. I’ve been a dev for over 20 years. Hit me up if you’re serious about building a good product and willing to do it right. I rarely offer my time like this but you’re software was great potential; just horrible testing and slightly worse UX than it has had in the past.

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not sure how to get in. But please let me know who and where i can give feedback!


@say2joe Thank you for your feedback; I’ve messaged you directly to hear more about your concerns.

@clausimausi The above post is an announcement post serving as an introduction to this category’s purpose. When launching a study, the researcher will typically post a recruitment post to the User Research category. From the category’s main page, select the bell icon in the upper right corner and “Watch” from the menu. You will then be notified when there are studies open to participate in and may sign up to participate. Let me know if you have additional questions.

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Dear @dflinn, thank you for the answer.
I am “sunscribed” to this category already so I get informed aabout new posts here.
:slight_smile: Claus

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