Website icons for local websites

Website icons for local websites

Feature function

  • Allow to fetch website icons for local websites
  • Needs to be manually, as bitwarden won’t know when a host is reachable, e.g. when vpn is connected
  • Would make it easier to quickly find entries

Here is a similar request:

Similar, but not as narrowly scoped

Actually I think the other one is more broad - as it proposes allowing you to import any suitable image as the icon for the vault entry/item. This is then stored locally in the vault (and sync’d) and eliminates any need to ping external URIs (eliminating the minor privacy/security concern around icons). This is standard functionality in 1PW for example (not sure about LP).

Neither Feature Request precludes the other however and having both would be the ideal solution (i.e. choose an image manually in the vault item edit screen for the icon to be generated from; or manually provide a URI/URL for the icon to be sourced from).