WebAuthn on iPad Air 4 (has a usb-c port) doesn't work with Bitwarden standalone app


Another question. I added WebAuthn 2FA on my account.

I have a iPad Air 4 (with a usb-c port). It’s at iPadOS 16.3. Using the Bitwarden standalone app, it gives me a WebAuthn pop up window, but inserting the Yubikey 5 usb-c into the usb-c port does NOT work. The pop up shows a cell phone with NFC support.

Is this because the app for iPhone and iPad are the same? And that usb-c isn’t supported? So the BW app with WebAuthn never worked with iPad Pros?

Also I have noticed now, I don’t see the option for TouchID in settings. Before switching to WebAuthn and Yubico OTP and removing TOTP, I was using TouchID to unlock BW. Is there any way to put it back?