Webauthn fido2 different device not opening options

Right at the beginning. Setting up the yubikey has already worked and continues to work via a PC.
However, I have recently been unable to log in via the mobile app.
After entering the password, I am redirected to the Webauthn internt page. There I normally click on Webauthn. Then the popup on the attached picture opens. There I always click on other devices.

This window no longer opens any options. (NFC) When I press on other devices, I am redirected back to the app. From this moment on I am trapped in a loop. In the app I can press authentication again and am redirected back to the webauthn page. I’ve also tried it with Chrome. The same thing happens there.

What am I doing wrong?

@luke1 Welcome to the forum!

Seems like this might be an Android issue. Are you able to use your NFC Yubikey with any other mobile apps on this device?

Unfortunately, I don’t have any other apps that I use with yubi. However, I can read normal nfc chips.
I thought maybe I just set a setting wrong so that “different device” has no rights and therefore closes again.

I don’t use mobile devices myself, but hopefully another forum participant will be able to at least confirm whether they are encountering the same issue or not.

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