WebAuthn/FIDO Authentication Glitch With Latest Android App Update

I am having the exact same issue on my S22+ trying to use my YubiKey 5C using NFC.

So this issue is definitely not fixed.

I am having the same issue getting the NotReadableError and found your post. Any luck?
I have the same YubiKey 5C using NFC with the android app on my Google Pixel 6 Pro. My android OS and app are up to date.
Seeing this a few other places, but not fixes noted.

Same issue here with the “Default browser does not support…” error message in endless loop. I had to go back to PC and enable an alternate 2FA method using authenticator app so I can login to my Android app.

Hey there, you can contact the support team directly Get in Touch | Bitwarden or drop a bug report on Github at Issues · bitwarden/mobile · GitHub if one doesn’t already exist.

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I believe this problem happen when you have both, Yubico and Titan keys added to the account. If I removed one of the two it worked fine.

Bitwarden seems to get confused when you have two different protocols (U2F and FIDO2 in this case) added.

I am having the same issue with an Identiv FIDO2 Security Key in Android App. It eventually works after 5-10 touches on the security key. I only have one Key on my account. Anyone know if/when this be fixed? Does anyone know a work around? Works fine in Windows using Chrome.

works for me using pixel 7 pro and pixel 2 xl

If you’re in this screen you have to hold it until you see the blue circle with check and hold it for a few more seconds.
Yubikey 5C Nfc and yubikey 5 nfc


It does everything you show for me…except I get this error.

Are you also using a Pixel 7 Pro or Pixel 2 XL with a YubiKey 5C NFC or YubiKey 5 NFC?

No, I am using a uTrust FIDO2 with OnePlus 8. It works with USB after some random # of touches, usually more than 5. The NFC just gives me the error above…after the blue check.