Web extension: do not show "remember" header when printing

Do not show “remember” header when printing

When printing a webpage, if the “Should Bitwarden remember this password” header is shown when user prints something, it will also be shown on the print

Feature function

When printing a webpage, the header should not be shown as it has no meaning for print


As I looked into the extension CSS to see what might be changed, I saw that this feature is already present, however it is not working here (Chrome 103.0.5060.114)

In the CSS:

@media(print) {
    body {
        display: none

Hi @romuald,
thank you for your request and welcome to the community :tada:

As this is part of CSS and the expected behaviour is that the notificationBar does not show on a print. I’d consider this a bug. Could you please open an issue on our clients repository for the browser extension and close this feature request.

Thanks in advance and regards,

Hi @romuald,

We’ve been able to reproduce the issue and have provided a fix with [PS-1164] fix syntax error by patrick-bitwarden · Pull Request #3174 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub.

This will be included in a future release.

Kind regards,

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