Warning when attempting to fill Discord app password

When I attempted to auto fill the password in the Discord Android app, Bitwarden showed me the following warning:

Hey @mimi89999 can you paste the text here so I can translate it and follow up?

Hi @mimi89999, not a hundred percent sure about this, as I do not have the translation.

If I am correct you might have saved your Discord login with the url set to https://discord.com/. Which does not match the url for the android app, which is com.discord. Bitwarden is asking if you, if you would like to continue auto-filling with the selected credentials although the url does not match. Clicking on the far left option, will autofill and save com.discord as a new url besides the item containing (https://discord.com/).

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AFAIK com.discord is the package name of the Discord app. What sense would it have to register it as an url? Shouldn’t Bitwarden do a mapping between website URLs and Android package names?

Thank you Google:

Try this:


Hmmm. Maybe the message should be improved to explain that the entry is not linked/bound with the “com.discord” app and ask the user wether they want to bind it?

In case it is helpful, I found that the message text is from the string BitwardenAutofillServiceMatchConfirm, which in English reads as follows:

Are you sure you want to auto-fill this login? It is not a complete match for “{0}”.