WAN H.A.: BitWarden service fail-over across data centers

This is a missing feature to make B.W truly enterprise class software.

  • WHAT: B.W. services can endure DC’s WAN connection outage by failing over to another DC.
  • WHY: We should be able to retrieve important password when B.W. service interrupted by WAN network outage.
  • HOW:
    • TBD.

All Bitwarden client applications already operate in read only mode without an internet connection.

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@kspearrin, Thanks for this info. This client “read only feature when no connection to BW server” address most of my “single point of failure” concern.

I am hoping , in the long run BW can utilize Linux pacemaker for fail-over.
system admin can switch over the BW server services between two nodes for system upgrade type of tasks. And with very minimum service downtime when doing the OS/BW upgrade work.