VS Code / cURL / BW Items

Newbie alert: I apologize in advance if the solution to these questions is simple and I’m just missing it.
We are a small software company servicing the North American residential home building industry. One of our products requires that we configure a set of MS Excel templates for each client with credentials that are stored in BW.
We would like to create an internal app that completes this configuration automatically (this product is growing and our manual process is now too time-consuming and error prone).
Here’s the questions (finally):

  1. Can we access a single item using a curl command in VS Code passing the OAuth credentials as LDAP attributes?
    My concern is that BW is TOO secure in this case and we won’t be able to access the vault items from code; I don’t want to send my developer down this rabbit hole if it is known to be a dead end.
  2. I found the dmenu for bitwarden which can copy usernames, passwords, and various fields to your clipboard but haven’t explored that as an option. Does anyone have experience embedding that ‘extension’ (if you will) into an app?
    Thanks for your patience.