VPN restriction of self hosted Bitwarden leads to confusion when saving a new item

Hi there!

We are using self hosted bitwarden instance. The server is only availible when the client is connected to the VPN. When the client is not connected to the VPN, I can log in to the Bitwarden Browser Login though, but it can´t sync. That´s generally okay. I can work with an old state though.

But when I try to create a new login item or when I try to edit a login item, bitwarden does not save this locally and Bitwarden does not warn me, that my change is not saved. So when I forget to active VPN or when my internet connection with VPN is lost currently, I get no information that bitwarden does not save my items.

Is there any way to configure bitwarden that there comes an alert message or something tha the item could not be saved? Or is there a way to configure Bitwarden that it saves the item locally and synchronizes them later when the client is connected to VPN?

Thanks for your help!
Best regards, Robert

This should give you an error, something to this effect:

But we do have an open feature request for offline access, which would help, too :smile:

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Hi tgreer,

thanks for the answer. I can confirm that this message appears in the Desktop App. But it diesn´t appear in the browser plugins (I checked them in Windows 10 for Firefox and Chrome). The behaviour there is as if the changed item has been saved. But it hasn´t. And it would help very much if the error message appears there too.

Best regards, Robert