Vivaldi Android URL Possible bug?

When using Bitwarden with the new Vivaldi Android Beta all websites are detected as the URL com.vivaldi.browser instead of the actual URL. So when using Vivaldi it doesn’t matter if i’m trying to log into youtube,, gmail, they all come up as “No results in vault for com.vivaldi.browser”. You can still fill in the logins if you manually search the vault for the thing you want but it doesn’t properly auto detect the website.

Exactly the same problem exists with Google Chrome on Android - very frustrating! It’s a known issue and apparently it’s affecting all password managers, not just Bitwarden. Hopefully Google will fix it soon. I believe Vivaldi is based on Chromium, so maybe that’s why it’s affected too?

Yep it is based on Chromium. Thanks for the reply. Interesting to know Chrome has the same problem.

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You could use Firefox and install the Bitwarden add-on in the app.

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This just started to occur to me on my phone. It makes BW most annoying.