Visually indicate soon-to-expire TOTP in overview

Hello, happy Bitwarden Premium customer here.

I’ve noticed that at the moment Bitwarden does not visually indicate that a TOTP code is about to expire in the main overview (as opposed to the detail view which shows a countdown). Because of this it’s possible that a code I copied using the “Copy Verification Code” button actually expired within the short amount of time it took me to move my cursor from Bitwarden to the TOTP form. It’s a first-world-problem, I know, but I think it would be helpful to indicate that the TOTP code will expire in within, let’s say, 5 seconds. For example by setting the CSS fill property to red.

I am of course talking about the most right button here.

Thanks for taking the time to read this feature request!

Most login forms will accept a (slightly) stale TOTP code. I have never had an issue with this.

Is this something you frequently encounter?


Not frequently, no.

I wasn’t aware however that TOTP codes are valid for (according to Wikipedia) up to 30 seconds after they “expire”. I suspected this wasn’t the case since the detailed view does show a contain a visual indication. I’d guess that makes sense in situations in which the code needs to be manually read out, for example when logging in using a different device than the one Bitwarden is running on.

Knowing this, the feature doesn’t seem all that useful anymore. Thanks!


How long codes are valid for is a setting that those doing the website can set. Some will be strict, others less so.

The TOTP is not always 30 seconds, that is specified by the provider (the site you’re login on). Also they can opt to accept expired and/or future codes. So is literally up to the provider, but yes is always nice to see if the code is about to expire (when this happens I wait for the code to change).

It would be nice if, say, there were a ring around the clock icon that animated the time remaining, or maybe the outside of the icon (and clock hands) could animate to show the lifetime.

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