View of password listing layout

Hi all,

Im new to Bitwarden as i used Lastpass before.
Everything seems to work fine but there is something im missing in the (webbrowser) vault.

I would like to change the layout view of my passwords.
I cant find an option to do that, i think its a very small feature to build in, so cant imagine that Bitwarden only support a long straight list as view. Now i have over 300 passwords in a list.

i would love to see some layout with Bigger icons etc.
Is this possible in Bitwarden?

best regards,

How about creating a feature request ?

You could create some folder.

Sure, i can make an featue request.
But i wanst sure if this options wasn’t already their. I thought maybe i couldnt find it.

Im already having folders, that give some summarized view but i would love to see some kind of grid with some bigger icons and maybe foldernames above it. Like Lastpass have or the option to customize it myself.