View attachments without downloading

If that is the case, in the web vault why can’t it be done in the mobile app? If the web vault isn’t downloading an encrypted file and decrypting it as you speculate how this would work, can’t the same functionality/process currently done in the web vault happen in the iOS app as an example?

If I am already logged into my bitwarden app and it’s an unlocked vault the attachments wouldn’t need decrypting; right? If Bitwarden had their own pop open viewer (I guess you can call it!?) within the app, everything is still contained within the app and upon logout/lock everything is locked up and encrypted again.

I was speculating as to how it should work for maximum security. I don’t know much about how this is actually implemented in the web vault, beyond the few tidbits that were shared by @dwbit when you and I questioned him about it a little over a year ago in this very thread.

Ah now I recall that, probably how I got the sandboxed idea. Surely there has to be a way to safely do this on the apps.

A new user here (switching from 1Pass), purchased an annual subscription only to find out there’s no way to preview attachments.

This is very upsetting and a potential no-go (even tho I seem to like the rest of the application).

Please raise this feature-request’s importance and implement ASAP.