Version 2022.10.0 shows truncated titles (bug fix on the way)

Version 2022.10.0 of the browser extension appears to be a big step backwards in regards to UX.

All item names are now truncated after about 16 characters, and appended with useless ellipses.

Many of us depend on seeing as much of each item’s name as possible in order to maximize usability. Plus, sometimes the first 16 characters of an item aren’t unique; the new UI makes such items more difficult to quickly distinguish from each other.

What’s worse is that each HTML span element that contains the item name string has now been force-truncated, so the user can’t even use CSS to show more of the item name to improve the UX. At the very least, please include the entire item name within eachspan element and properly use CSS to truncate the strings and add the ellipses. That way, those of us who are more tech savvy can revert this undesirable change manually.

I realize this change was likely made to make the share button more visible for a subset of users, but I personally never experienced any issue with the share button. Remember, the share button is typically a “press it at most one time” button per item, whereas seeing the item’s name is a continual user expectation.

Overall, I think it’s best to revert this new change. It significantly degrades the UX of Bitwarden.


Hi bit,

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I agree that this change makes no sense. You used to be able to pop-out the extension window and enlarge it to reveal truncated items. But now that item names are truncated at a fixed width, enlarging the window just reveals empty space. :frowning:

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Thanks all, this will be resolved in a future release as a bug fix, so closing this feature request.


Newest Firefox plugin update.
2022.10.0 released Oct 13, 2022

Long time bitwarden user and this is the first time I am seriously disappointed and have been left less satisfied.

I use the firefox plugin extensively. It’s an important part of my daily work flow.

Why have you decided to truncate item text to about a third the width of the plugin and add 3 ellipse dots? Over half the width of the plugin is now wasted space when it can and should display a longer text string before truncation.

This significantly degrades usability and aesthetically presents poorly. Where before I could quickly discern items, I now have to slow down and hover over similar items to view the tool tip.

Please revert back to utilizing as much width as possible for items before truncating them. Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback @Collence as indicated above, this will be resolved via a bug fix.