Version 1.49.0 on Safari 14.0.3: remarks

Feature name

  • no delay after icon click; focus on search field (BigSur)

Feature function

  • after I click the icon, I want to see the popup immediately, not after a second or so
  • I want the search field to have the focus without me to click it

For delay, I feel this should be tracked as a Bug (GitHub Issue) rather than a Feature (Bitwarden Community). There are at least 2 issues on this already:

Bitwarden team has explained potential reason in [1.49.0] Safari with square window, opening delay, wrong button focus and missing Biometrics option · Issue #1692 · bitwarden/browser · GitHub.

Quoting text from link:

The “lag” seems to be a quirk with Safari in how its unloading and reloading the context state of the extension. Unlike the App Extension which always was running in the background, Safari treats Web Extensions as a 2nd class citizen, in true Apple fashion, works a bit differently than other browsers and we’re only finding this out now that we’ve gone down that road.

If you’re on M1 hardware, there may be some issues with the extension package not being a --universal package (Apple Silicon/ARM), so since Rosetta2 naturally adds some overhead to both the Desktop app and underpinnings of the Web Extension through Safari, our hope is once we’re able to get our universal build working (which we’ve had to do a few patches to electron-builder to support and get working) that will :crossed_fingers:t2: hopefully eliminate some of the lag.

Worst-case scenario is if this ends up being an Apple Safari issue.

On side-note, I believe there are plans to add the legacy extension inside the macOS app.
This will provide an option for people who just want the previous Safari extension behavior.

The limitation would be upcoming features like biometrics won’t work since some of these features would depend on the newer Web Extension framework.

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