Verify email fails on self-hosted instance

In my self-hosted instance, I click on the Send Email to verify my email address, but I just get this error message:
2022-11-02 19_33_51-Window

See: Search results for '"an unhandled server error has occurred"' - Bitwarden Community Forums

I’ve configured postfix to use my mail provider. Sendmail is able to send the email, but when I click the button in the bitwarden gui, it still fails with the same error message. No messages in mail.err or mail.log.

If you are using a local mail server with postfix you may wish to look at some resources here from other users doing the same.

You may need to make sure you are pointing outside of the Bitwarden container to the host system where postfix is set-up, or make sure any docker networking is configured if in another container.

If at all possible I highly recommend trying to use an SMTP relay rather than hosting your own mail server, but hopefully these links help.