Verify Email and SMTP settings for Self-Hosted Vault

I have set up my self-hosted Vault and on the main page, there is this option box…

…do I need to complete this if I am the only user of this Vault and what benefit is there in setting up SMTP for my usage?


If you ever need recovery emails, organization invites emails or anything like that it wont work. Also, if you don’t configure SMTP you cannot access the system admin portal.

I understand, so if my cloud Linux server already has system wide SMTP set up then I just plumb that in to the global.override.env file and I can then ‘verify email’ and go forward from there?

Will the Docker container be able to access the ‘localhost’ host’s SMTP server?

(FYI, my cloud server has a web application firewall that only allows certain static IP addresses to access Bitwarden ports)

You can access localhost from within a docker container, through you likely need to adjust some docker settings so that the host is available on the docker network.