VaultMode: Seamless System-Wide Bitwarden Access

There may be similar proposals to this one, but I’m going to write this idea out in more detail. VaultMode is a Desktop feature concept to enable a hotkey to open a spotlight-like vault search to get access to Bitwarden’s features (not just data in the vault). The idea is to make a systemwide hotkey, like fn+v on macOS or alt+v on Windows/Linux (hotkey is customizable), to open the VaultMode GUI. The GUI would look like spotlight where you can search for items in your vault. It’ll also gather some context into the it could get from the current input you have focused to automatically highlight and suggest the password to some website or app you may be interacting with. If context awareness fails, searching for a password is trivial.

However, the feature doesn’t stop at just passwords. Perhaps each item in your vault has other copiable data which you can access with the Tab key when the item is highlighted. This will allow you to paste usernames and data for entry (data in a note file for example). This would be a powerful way to make VaultMode a secure way to access some password/key/information stored in your vault.

Furthermore, the Bitwarden Send feature is a real useful feature which could be more seamlessly accessed. Perhaps you could use fn+c (macOS) or Alt+c (windows/linux) to copy some data/file into a new “add” GUI interface. A GUI will appear showing the data and default settings to be able to change before saving the send; all of which you can modify using your keyboard or cursor. Once you hit enter the send URL is saved to your clipboard. This can be a very quick way to get data into Bitwarden, but perhaps there could be a second user flow to actually save the data as an item in your fault too from this VaultMode shortcut.