Vault Timeout Issue Windows 10 App

Hi Gents,

I use the windows application and set the Vault Timeout to 1 hour with a Timeout Action “Log Out”. When closing en re-opening the application wihtin 5 minutes the session is logged. It this a bug or a feature :).

When change the timeout action to “Lock” and close en open the application, the login session is not logged of as suspected.

Seems that there are some bugs in how the timeout feature works.

Also like to see that we are able to set two different timeout value’s, one for each action. And that can be managed by the oraganisation policies. But saw there is already a feature request for that. Somebody known if they work on this feature and when we can expect a release? I need this features to make it a good product for our company.

Kind Regards,
Marcel Koedijk

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