Vault Timeout Action - Lock vs Logout - How About an Option for Both at the Same Time?

First, I want to issue a giant “thank you” to the entire Bitwarden team for developing a truly awesome open-source platform. The value that BW brings to the table is unparalleled, and the digital world thanks you for making it a more secure place.

Here is my question/suggestion regarding the vault timeout action:

Right now users can specify a vault timeout period and action (lock vs logout). I love this feature, but I was wondering if we can make it even better. How about having the ability to specify a vault timeout period for each parameter (lock and logout) to work in concert, without having to choose one vs the other? i.e. Auto-lock after x-time and auto-logout after y-time.

I think this should be a fairly simple update to implement, and could offer users greater control over their security setup. For example, perhaps I want the vault to auto-lock fairly quickly, but still want the vault to auto-logout after a longer period of time.

This will maximize security while still maintaining convenience as I’m working, as I can quickly unlock w/ biometrics. However, it will also preserve the added security benefit of a full logout when I’m not actively working, without having to remember to logout manually.

If there is currently already a way to do this, please, inform me. Thank you again, and please keep up the great work in this space.

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