Vault Sharing with Family

Hi all,
Migrated from Lastpass only recently.
Quick Question: I have a premium account and would like to share the entire vault with my wife. Created organisation. Now - do I have to import the entire csv from lastpass again or is there another way to populate the organisation? And, will the organisation then by my new main point of entry? No need to work with the original private vault anymore .- right?
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Go to your vault, click on drop down with cog on it, click select all.
Click the drop down again and select share.
Select your organization. Click save.
You won’t login as far as your organization is concerned, but your organization does become the owner of the data, so any edits or deletes proliferate to your personal vault. The opposite is also true. If it is shared, and you delete it in your personal vault, it also deletes it in the organization vault.

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that’s a straight 5 out of 5 star reply. thank you!

Do keep in mind that this cannot be undone in case you accidentally shared “real private” items (work related/banking/taxes).

If this happens, only solution is to recreate a private entry and copy/past all values to this new entry owned by you.

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Thank you @shtau1. The thing about sharing item from your personal vault using the option in the cog drop down, I could not find that anywhere on the help topics.