Vault pop-up in browser should re-open to same entry

The browser extension closes whenever it loses focus, and the user has to click the icon again to re-open it. Please fix it so it remembers where you were and restores that view.


It is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING that Bitwarden closes as soon as you move the focus to something else, even another program.
See also: Bitwarden ‘Add Item’ window closes without saving changes
If you are trying to copy multiple items into an entry, it becomes an exercise of futility.
In addition, if you are creating or adding to an entry you have to search the vault for each time, it becomes even more longwinded.
Please therefore:

  • fix it so entries are saved automatically on loss of focus
  • when you click the toolbar icon to re-open the vault, it should show the same thing you were last looking at.

As you say, extremely frustrating.
Over time you do learn to pop out a new window.

OK! That does work. I was under the erroneous impression that the behaviour of an undocked window was the same.