Vault Opening Page/Section

I would like to see the option to change what page the vault opens to upon loading. Right now the vault opens up to All Items by default, I would like the option to change that behavior to say… Favorites.

I came here to make this exact same suggestion. I am constantly re-logging into the desktop app, and as slow as it is, being able to have it open in “Favorites” would be quite nice.

A workaround is to precede entry names with characters, based on the character’s inherent sort precedence. This will let you force a specified sort order, even when “All Items” has focus. You could use this approach to make favorite entries appear on top.

The simplest approach would be to precede each favorite entry with a single space. This will force those entries to be sorted ahead of the other entries, and you won’t even be able to tell that the space is there.

You could also use other characters such as “!” and “*” to give entries first and second precedence, respectively:


The approach I’ve taken is to simply precede each favorite entry with a single space. I’ve also created a separate entry with the following name:


That entry serves as a visual divider between the favorite entries and the regular entries. This gives a result that looks like this:

It looks better in the Bitwarden desktop app than it does here!

I was just about to submit a similar one.

What happens now might not be the most convenient option, not to say - not the safest one (in case for example where you would have to open the vault with a third person sitting next to you).

My vote would be to have the following options:

1 Entire vault (= the current behavior)
2 Blank = focus on the search field + a help div instructing to use search
3 Type [Logins|Cards|Identities|Secure Notes]
4 Specific folder
5 Favorites

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I’m looking for the same option…
It’s not very pratical when the vault open on “all items”

This is pretty much the only new feature I would like to see. Voted.