Vault Login on Android OK but Can't Login to Vault on Windows 10 Laptop

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On laptop, error message “Email or Password Incorrect”.
It knows my email correct (correctly sends hint to entered email) yet get same error msg.

I absolutely know the password entered is correct (spelling, etc) BUT still won’t allow me to
enter vault on Windows 10 laptop.
ALWAYS works on Motorola G Android phone.

ANY help would be appreciated.
At this point, even “You’re an idiot !” would do. :slight_smile:

Where are you trying to log on to? (Desktop app, browser extension, web vault). How do you usually log in with the Android?

I recently had a problem with the OTP code of my Yubikey. What was being put in was looking functionally the same, but the keyboards were somehow different. This was solved by my language/keyboard settings. So maybe you could try using Bitwarden Send to give yourself the master password and seeing if that helps.

Or create another Bitwarden account on the desktop. Add it to an organization shared with your Android. See if autofill fixes that for you if you have the username/password in the organization.