Vault logged out

I am a new user from last pass. When I right click on a user or password box and select autofill I get vault logged out message but I am not ! Even if I go back to my vault and login again I still says I am logged out.
What am I doing wrong?

What client are you using?
What is you vault timeout period and vault timeout action?

Windows10 home edition



Sorry I think you also need to know I am using Bit Warden as an extension to Chrome.

I originally installed the desktop version and then installed the Chrome extension. I cannot see any evidence of the original Desktop version on my computer now.

On my machine, I am using windows 10 PRO with chrome, no desktop client, and just the bitwarden extension. There are 3 ways to fill:

  1. While on the site, click on the extension icon and you should see the LOGIN under the drop down. Select it and it should auto-fill.
  2. While on the site, Right-click on the user name or password field and select Bitwarden → Autofill → . This is clunkier than in LastPass in my opinion.
  3. If you set the settings “Enable Auto-fill On Page Load” to true, it automatically fills in the site. For most users, I would think this would be the best option. Because I am security conscious, I prefer to fill manually.

If you close your browser, the vault is wiped out no matter what setting you use except timeout=Never. When you reoepen your browser you have to relogin using your master password. At least this is the behavior without the desktop app.

At what point are you failing at?


Hi Paul,

Thanks for your help. In the end I found that the Chrome extension was not installed properly and then I was struggling with a Network Error message when I tried to reinstall. In the end I gave up and installed on Bing. Its all working fine now.