Vault locks prematurely


No we’re not. My vault (timeout = 1.5 hours) still locks after 10-15 minutes even if I don’t take either of these two actions.

I moved your post into its own topic (as you had appended it to an old, solved topic that may or may not be directly relevant to your issue). Hopefully, this will give your issue better visibility and a chance for resolution.

You can start by confirming that you are experiencing this issue in the web vault ( only, and providing version information about your browser and operating system.

Safari is 16.3.1. Firefox is 110.0.1. I have Mac OS 11.7.4. I first noticed this problem with the bitwarden Safari and Firefox extensions. I can’t say whether the problem occurs with the “web vault”. Why is there a web vault in addition to the browser extensions? For that matter, why is there a Mac desktop app in addition to the browser extensions? There are browser extensions, a desktop app, and a website that has a vault and settings. Very confusing (to me).

I changed the settings of these to 4 hours: Safari extension, Firefox extension, web site vault. It’s been I think about 3 ½ hours and both the Safari and Firefox extensions are still both unlocked. I’m testing the web vault now. This is progress.

Glad to hear you’re making progress. Your issue may be related to this:


Seems like your original timeout setting was a custom value, which may not be retained after a browser restart.


I agree that the different client apps can be confusing, but usually, most users rely on only the browser extension and/or mobile app for most routine use. The Web Vault app is primarily used for changing account settings (e.g., master password, KDF, etc.) or specialized tasks (importing, bulk move/delete, etc.). The Desktop app provides more screen real-estate than the browser extension, so it can be useful for editing vault items or other housekeeping tasks (or for viewing items that contain a large volume of information). The CLI is used for advanced tasks that require scripting.

Hi thanks for the response, yes this is for the desktop browser extension that I am having the issue.