Vault Items Not Recognized as Websites

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Hi Team,

I recently changed computers and added BitWarden to Firefox and Chrome on the new comp. On my Android and my old comp all of my vault items have the logo of the website that they are attached to. However, on the new comp, they have the generic planet logo
As a result, on the new comp BitWarden does not recognize that I have logins for any of the websites for which I have matching items, even if the URL is the same. I’ve not been able to get BitWarden to update any of them, and have only been successful with building new items entirely.

I’ve synced on all my devices, and ensured that all of my settings on the new comp are the same as my phone and old comp. I’ve dug through the forums, and google to no avail. Im guessing that there is an easy answer out there somewhere, and I just don;t know what keywords to search for. Does anyone know how to fix this?

In case anyone stumbles across this with the same issue, i determined that when I signed into the extensions on the new browser the web vault removed all of the URI’s on my password for some reason. The fix was to export the extension data from my old browser where all of the URI’s still existed, then import into the web vault. Then I deleted all duplicates that had no URI. Hope this helps someone in the future.

Hey there! Was the URI field in the vault item empty, or the logo in the vault view was just not showing?

The URI fields in the web vault items were all empty. After importing from the functional extension vault those new items worked, and I deleted the old web vault items. This didn’t occur until I added the new extensions on the new computer.

Haven’t bumped into this one before, but let me know if all is working as expected. If something happens again, be sure to reach out to our official support channel, or report a bug on Github.