Vault items last revision date

A key missing element that I find in BW is a Modification Time/Date stamp for vault items.

I often need to check when an item was last updated (any change from user-name, to PW change).
BW should have a field in the Item Information box that shows the Date when the Item was Created/Last Modified.

An extension of this would be to have a drop-down showing the log of dates of when any entry was changed for that Item.

My Vault view should then show the last date modified and allow for sorting by date, to be able to find Items that have been changed recently.

I revised this request to only include the revision date part. Full change history is being tracked here: Vault item modification history

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I would like to see the date a password was last changed, independent of when anything else was changed.

(See also Show date password last updated)

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I know I added a new login recently but can’t remember the domain. How can I find it based on creation date/time?