Vault Items Automatically Moving To Trash?

How is this possible? Found 5 items in the trash that I never moved there. I think some important logins were automatically deleted (after 30 days) at some point.

Is there a setting I’m missing (I looked) or perhaps I’m inadvertently sending some to trash when logging in at times?

I have no idea how this happened and don’t want to lose critical data so any help is appreciated!

I haven’t heard of this issue before. Is it possible that you’ve accidentally clicked on delete? Perhaps if you’ve deleted multiple items but had some additional items checked that you weren’t aware of?

I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has come across this.

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Hi Dan,

Thanks for the reply. It happened to a friend who uses it as well but I have no idea how! Delete is all the way at the bottom of the record and in red so it seems unlikely that it would be an accidental click?

I was thinking that there was a setting somewhere…